What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of eSIM?

Complate Guide To eSIMS

A SIM is a small plastic card that fits into your cellphone is an acronym for ‘subscriber identity module’. It contains your mobile number and enables you to make and receive calls and send texts, as well as use data on your phone.

SIMs may also store contact information and phone numbers which makes switching phones simple you can simply remove your SIM from your old phone and plug it into a new one.

What is an eSIM?

eSIMs are programmable SIM cards embedded directly into devices instead of built-in circuit cards made of PVC. An eUICC chip with an eSIM software program permanently attached to it is used instead of a separate eChip.

What are the advantages of an eSIM

Easy to switch networks

Switching networks is much simpler using an eSIM than using a new SIM. To switch to a different network, you do not have to order a new SIM, wait for it to arrive, and then insert it into your phone, you can instead make a call or log into your account via a web browser or phone. You do not need to search for a SIM ‘ejector tools’ to remove the old SIM from your phone either.

Easy to change to another network

If you find you are not getting the best value from your current network and want to switch, using an eSIM is much simpler than changing your SIM. You can now use Up to five virtual SIM cards that can be stored on one eSIM. If you’re unable to connect to your usual network, you can switch to another network temporarily.

You also benefit from switching to a local network while traveling by not having to physically insert a local SIM. Using a local mobile network while abroad instead of paying roaming fees is much cheaper than having your UK network. Removing your UK SIM from your phone will also reduce the risk of losing it.

Free up Smart Phone Physical Space

The eSIM is far more efficient than a physical SIM card because it will eventually eliminate the need for a physical SIM slot. Smartphone manufacturers could possibly save space by increasing a phone’s battery size or adding more features to a device. Fewer holes in a handset also mean fewer breakdowns, so less damage.

The use of less space and less money on eSIM technology makes it possible to connect mobile phones to hardware that was previously unusable due to cost or space constraints.

Ease of management and control

The eSIM will help mobile network providers manage their networks more effectively. They will have a greater degree of control over the number of users on each network, and they can limit the amount of data used by each SIM card. This is ideal for customers who are on a limited data contract and who do not want to exceed their monthly allowance.

eSIM cost

The cost of eSIMs is expected to be much more affordable than the cost of purchasing a physical SIM card.

What are the disadvantages of an eSIM

Not supportive of old phone

eSIM is not compatible with all phones. If you want to use an eSIM on your phone, you must check that your phone supports an eSIM. The first phones with eSIMs are expected to be available from Apple and Samsung in 2018.

Once all phones support the technology, it may take some time for the number of networks offering eSIMs to increase. This will probably depend on how many customers demand it and how quickly mobile networks can adapt and implement the technology.

Not all networks offer the same coverage

It’s important to note that if you change your SIM card, you must also change your network provider as well. This means that if you have a specific network provider that works best for you, or if your job requires that you work with a specific network provider, then switching to an eSIM might not be for you at this stage of its development.

Difficult to transfer data

If you’re switching to a new phone with an eSIM, you will have to transfer your data manually. To retrieve your information from the cloud, you must remove ESIM from your phone to obtain your addresses, texts, and other media. Instead of popping the card out of a broken phone, you must retrieve data from the cloud.


eSIM is a promising technology that will dramatically change the way we use mobile phones. It will allow you to switch providers and networks more easily, and it will make it easier to connect your phone to other hardware accessories such as smartwatches.

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