WhatsApp’s New Privacy Controls

WhatsApp's New Privacy Controls

In November 2021, rumors surfaced that WhatsApp was developing new privacy settings that would allow users to conceal their last seen and online statuses as well as their pictures from certain contacts. Now that seven months have passed, WhatsApp has finally revealed that those sensitive options are live.

In general, Telegram’s privacy protections are stronger than those of WhatsApp. Besides being able to hide their profile picture and activity status, users can sign up for Telegram without providing a phone number, a significant difference when it comes to personal communications. You may hide your profile picture and status messages from those you save to your contacts or no one at all, in addition to others.

You can now keep certain contacts out of your WhatsApp profile, including your photo, online status, and bio. To do this, open the app’s settings menu and select “Account.” After that, select “Privacy” and then “Personal information.” Make sure the “My contacts except…” option is also visible here. From there, you can choose who you do not want to share your personal information with. It’s smart to remember that only people who can view your Last seen status can see your online status.

Telegram lets users set up profiles to share photos with specified contacts, even if they aren’t online. On the other hand, WhatsApp’s new privacy controls keep your profile photo and online status out of sight from nosy friends, pesky family, and business associates.
To enable the feature, WhatsApp will be pushed to the device through a server-side push and it will appear on your phone if you are using the latest update of WhatsApp ( APK Mirror is a good source).

This is a server-side update to the app, so it will not appear on your phone automatically if you are using an older version. You must update the app to the latest version via Google Play or APK Mirror to get this feature. WhatsApp also automatically turns on this feature for all users who have updated their app to the latest version.

The feature can be accessed from Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile photo and status. If you want to hide your profile photo from everyone, select “Hide from everyone.” You can also hide your profile photo from those who are not on your contact list by selecting “Hide from contacts”. This will not hide your online status, which is still visible to those who can see it.

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